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Published March 20, 2023
Expiration date: 3/20/2024

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District (Corps) Regulatory Division announces the release of the Idaho Wetland Ecosystems Services Protocol (WESP-ID), beta version 1.0. The WESP-ID is a wetland functional assessment methodology for use in Idaho and is a regionalized adaptation of the Wetland Ecosystem Services Protocol (Adamus et al. 2016). The WESP-ID is a standardized method for rapidly assessing wetland functions, which can then be used to help inform project site selection alternatives, as well as the selection, design, credit determination and monitoring of compensatory wetland mitigation sites.

The WESP-ID consists of a user manual and an Excel® spreadsheet calculator containing data forms and models (formulas).  WESP-ID generates scores (0 to 10 scale) and ratings (Lower, Moderate, Higher) for each of the following wetland attributes: Water Storage & Delay; Stream Flow & Temperature Support; Sediment Retention & Stabilization; Phosphorus Retention; Nitrate Removal; Organic Nutrient Export; Aquatic Primary Productivity; Fish Habitat; Amphibian & Turtle Habitat; Waterbird Habitat; Raptor & Songbird Habitat; Keystone Mammal Habitat; Native Plant Diversity; Pollinator Habitat; Wildfire Resistance; Carbon Stock; Cultural or Recreational Use; Wetland Stressors. For each attribute, the scores and ratings represent a particular wetland’s standing relative to those in a systematically chosen sample of wetlands previously assessed throughout Idaho.

The WESP-ID manual can be obtained from the District’s website at:  To obtain a copy of the accompanying Excel® spreadsheet calculator, please contact the Regulatory Division at or 208-433-4464.

The Corps is soliciting comments from users’ experience with implementing the WESP-ID, beta version 1.0 during a one-year period (March 2023- March 2024). In particular, we are interested in:

  • Problem situations encountered and possible approaches for addressing them.
  • Apparent incorrect results, including the factors that suggest the method was inaccurate.
  • Regional differences in the applicability of specific indicators.
  • Examples of the method’s use in the regulatory context, or in other management contexts.

Written comments can be submitted to or to the mailing address below:

Boise Regulatory Office
720 E. Park Blvd. Suite 245
Boise ID, 83712



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