Boise Outreach Office

Our Commitment to the People of Idaho

The Walla Walla District, Corps of Engineers, with its ability to address a broad spectrum of issues, from regulatory to economic development, is in a unique position to partner with municipal, county, state and tribal governments, federal agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO) to plan, design and implement water and natural resource projects that will foster the building of healthy, sustainable communities and environments in Idaho.

Within the scope of our congressionally authorized programs, the Boise Office is planned, organized and operates to help Idaho government officials, and the citizens that they represent, find the best, most cost effective solutions to problems facing their communities while insuring that the capabilities offered are a wise and effective use of available federal resources.

For Idaho, the Boise Office provides a framework for city, county, state, tribal and non-governmental organizational efforts to improve upon and implement more cost-effective and comprehensive ways to address a broad array of water and natural resource issues such as watershed planning, ecosystem restoration, flood plain management planning, environmental protection, water and wastewater infrastructure planning and development, dam safety, cleanup of abandoned mines and emergency management.

As a minimum, the Boise Office offers,  

  • Public education and awareness programs that match experienced Corps talent, who have proven solutions in specialty areas, with customers/sponsors that need to solve problems.
  • Planning and technical assistance to Idaho cities, counties and state agencies and Tribal governments to support their efforts to develop community-based strategies in areas that match the Corps' congressional authorized programs.
  • Solutions, resources, and collaborative opportunities that support and reinforce the Corps' Environmental Operating Principles

In addition, the Boise Office will serve as the "One door to the Corps" for Idaho. Even though the geographic boundaries of Idaho are shared with three Corps Districts, the Boise Office staff recognizes a greater responsibility to assure all Idaho "Corps" issues brought to this office reflect organizational seamless continuity. That means that all questions, concerns, and requests for support that fall outside of Walla Walla District's area of responsibility (outside of the Snake River Basin) will be forwarded to the appropriate District in a way that is transparent to the client/sponsor.

As our commitment to operating on a "One door to the Corps" theme, we are actively engaged in: 

  • Education: Listening to locals concerns, issues and needs and responding appropriately.
  • Communication: Establishing and maintaining effective networks of local, county, state, tribal, federal and NGO partners.

  • Collaboration: Helping to make good things happen for the citizens and the environment of Idaho

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