Navigation was the Corps of Engineers’ earliest Civil Works mission, dating to Federal laws in 1824 authorizing and funding the Corps to improve safety on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and several ports. The Corps provides safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable waterborne transportation systems (channels, harbors, and waterways) for movement of commerce, national security needs, and recreation.

Walla Walla District staff designed, built and operate some of the highest lift locks in the world, with an average lift of more than 100 feet. Our navigation locks on the Snake and Columbia rivers help provide a navigable waterway 465 miles inland from Astoria, Oregon, to Lewiston, Idaho. The District’s five navigation locks passed a total of 15,325,690 tons of cargo and commodities in 2020. McNary alone accounted for 4,691,390 tons of this total.  Approximately 81.7% of this total tonnage was wheat and rye products, and 4.1% was fuel/fuel oil for home heating. Wood and fertilizer products constituted most of the remaining tonnage.

NWW Navigation Lock Dimensions

Project Usable Length Usable Width Max Lift Normal Height Restriction* To Bottom of: At Tailwater Elevation:
McNary 650 ft 84 ft 83 ft N/A** N/A N/A
Ice Harbor 650 ft 84 ft 103 ft 67 ft Lift Gate 342 ft MSL
Lower Monumental 650 ft 84 ft 103 ft 65 ft
440 ft MSL
Little Goose 650 ft 84 ft 101 ft N/A** N/A N/A
Lower Granite 650 ft 84 ft 105 ft 100 ft Bridge 635 ft MSL


* This is the max clearance height available at normal tailwater elevation

** This project has a bascule bridge which is lifted during a lockage

Navigation Lock Notices

Navigation lock notices can be found here:

Notices to Navigation Interests (NTNI) site

Type the NTNI number (listed in parenthesis) into the search bar to bring up the notice you're after. Searches can also be made by river and river basin.


Most recent notices:

22-01a (16688-1) Amendment to Ice Harbor Navigation Lock Closures

22-03 (16906) Lower Monumental and Little Goose Floating Guide Wall Restrictions

22-02 (16731) 2022 Walla Walla and Portland Districts Maintenance Outage

22-01 (16688) Ice Harbor Navigation Lock Closures

21-15 (15968) Ice Harbor Navigation Lock Delays

21-14 (15967) Walla Walla District Winter Recreational Vessel Lockage Schedule

21-13a (15327-1) Amendment to Slower Lockages at the McNary Navigation Lock

21-13 (15327) Slower Lockages at the McNary Navigation Lock

21-12a (15093-1) Amendment to McNary Navigation Lock - Slower Lockages

21-12 (15093) McNary Navigation Lock - Slower Lockages

21-11 (15009) Little Goose Lock Delays

21-10a (14727-1) Amendment to Lower Granite Lock Wall Damage

21-10 (14727) Lower Granite Lock Wall Damage

21-10 (14505) McNary Lock Future Scheduled Outage

21-09 (14132) 2021 Recreational Vessel Lockage Schedule

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