Ice Harbor Lock and Dam

Ice Harbor Lock and Dam
This congressionally authorized project consists of Ice Harbor Dam, powerhouse, navigation lock, two fish ladders, a removable spillway weir and a juvenile fish bypass facility. It provides navigation, hydroelectric generation, recreation and incidental irrigation.Located upstream of McNary Lock and Dam and Lake Wallula, Ice Harbor Dam is 2,822 feet long with an effective height of 100 feet. It is a concrete gravity type dam, with an earthfill embankment section at the north abutment. It includes a navigation lock with clear dimensions of 86 by 675 feet. The dam has a 10-bay spillway that is 590 feet long and includes ten 50 foot tainter gates.

Ice Harbor - Lake Sacajawea

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 Ice Harbor Lock and Dam - Lake Sacajawea Overview

Ice Harbor Lock and Dam is 2,822 feet long and 100 feet high. It is of the concrete gravity type, with an earth-fill embankment section at the north abutment. It has a ten-bay spillway that is 590 feet long, and ten, 50-foot tainter gates. There are two fish ladders for passing migratory fish.

When full, Lake Sacajawea extends northeast 32 miles upstream to Lower Monumental Dam, and has a surface area of 9,200 acres. 

 Ice Harbor Campgrounds

A variety of recreation opportunities such as fishing, swimming, picnicking, boating, hunting, hiking and camping are available around Ice Harbor Dam and Lake Sacajawea. Each of these parks has a day-use picnic area.

All campers must check in with the campground attendant upon arrival. The placement of camping equipment or other items on a site for the purpose of reserving the campsite for future occupancy is strictly prohibited.

 Public Lands

There are 3,576 acres of public lands surrounding Lake Sacajawea. These lands include fee lands that are federally-owned and managed by the Corps, as well as easement lands to which the Corps has specific rights or easements (i.e., flowage or access). There are 3,517.3 acres of Corps-managed lands that are utilized for public recreation purposes, wildlife habitat, wildlife mitigation, and water-connected industrial development. Public boat launching facilities are available at six locations along the shoreline, and there is a marina at Charbonneau Park.

 Navigation Lock

The lock is a single-lift type with clear plan. It has clear dimensions of 86 feet by 675 feet, and a 15-foot minimum depth.

CAUTION: Ice Harbor Dam's forebay restricted area has been relocated which has set further limitations to boater access near the upstream end of the dam. For more Navigation information see our page at

 Hard Rock Mooring Dolphins
The Hard Rock Dolphin Mooring Facility consists of six mooring dolphins located one mile upstream from the dam. Because navigation is sometimes limited at the lock, the mooring dolphins are used during inclement weather to tow barges to safety, as well as temporarily moor barges from broken tows. The dolphins were installed in 1973, and three of the original dolphins have been replaced. In 1986, minor repair work was performed on all six dolphins.
 America the Beautiful Pass Information

The Golden Age and the Golden Access Passports will no longer be issued after Jan. 01, 2007. They are being replaced with the new America the Beautiful Pass program created by the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act of 2004, passed by Congress. To learn more visit

Project Information

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 Project Pertinent Data


General State - Washington
County - Franklin and Walla Walla
River - Snake
River Mile - 9.7
Drainage area above Ice Harbor Dam - 109,000 square miles
Owner - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District
Authorized Purposes - Inland Navigation and Power Generation
Other Uses - Fishery and recreation
Type of Project - Run-of-river

Real Estate:
Fee acquisition land above pool elevation 440 - 7,830 acres

Name - Sacajawea
Elevations (Feet Mean Sea Level)
Maximum at dam for spillway design flood - 446.4
Normal operating range gauged at dam - 437 to 440
Length - 31.9 miles
Average width - 0.4 miles
Maximum width - 1.0 miles
Surface area at elevation 440 (low flow-flat pool) - 8,375 acres
Storage between elevation 437 and 440 - 24,900 acre feet

Dam (General)
Powerhouse, overall length - 671 feet
Spillway, total length - 590 feet
Navigation lock, overall width - 173 feet
Concrete non-overflow sections:
Navigation lock to spillway (length) - 154 feet
Spillway to powerhouse (length) - 40 feet
Powerhouse to south shore embankment (length) - 560 feet
Earth embankment, north shore (length) - 624 feet
Total length of dam - 2,822 feet
Maximum height of concrete sections (foundations deck) - 213 feet
Maximum height of abutment section (north shore foundation to top) - 123 feet
Deck elevation - 453 feet msl

Type - Ogee, concrete, gravity, gate controlled
Maximum width at base, elevation 392 feet msl - 139 feet
Maximum height, foundation to deck - 141 feet
Number of bays 10
Overall length, (abutment centerlines) 590 feet
Clear length - 500 feet
Crest elevation - 391 feet above sea level
Gate seal elevation - 389.07 feet above sea level
Top of gate in closed position - 442 feet above sea level
Deck elevation - 453 feet above sea level
Gate lip elevation at maximum opening - 436 above sea level
Control gates:
Type - Tainter
Size - 50'W x 52.9'H
Method of operation - individual electric hoists, remote and manually controlled

Maintenance closure for spillway bays - Stoplogs

Spillway design flood:
Peak discharge - 850,000 cfs
Pool elevation - 446.4 feet above sea level
Tailwater elevation - 374 feet above sea level
Gross head - 72.4 feet

Maximum flood at normal pool elevation 440
Discharge - 685,000 cfs
Tailwater elevation - 370.5 feet above sea level
Gross head - 72.4 feet above sea level

Stilling Basin
Type - Horizontal apron
Width, perpendicular to flow - 590 feet
Length, parallel to flow - 168 feet
Floor elevation - 304 feet above sea level
Height of continuous end sill - 12 feet

Number of generating units 6
Units 1 through 5 - 90 feet
Unit 6 - 96 feet

Erection and service bay 110
Type - Kaplan, 6-blade
Runner diameter:
Units 1 through 3 - 280 inches
Units 4 through 6 - 300 inches
Revolutions per minute:
Units 1 through 3 - 90
Units 4 through 6 - 87.5
Rating (nameplates):
Units 1 through 3 - 90,000 kilowatts
Units 4 through 6 - 111,000 kilowatts
Power factor - 0.95
Kilovolt ampere rating:
Units 1 through 3 - 95,00
Units 4 through 6 - 117,000
Units installed complete initially - 3
Skeleton units provided initially - 3
Total units now installed - 6
Plant rated capacity - 603,000 kilowatts
Crane capacities:
Intake (joint use with spillway) - 85 tons
Bridge - 500 tons
Draft tube gantry - 35 tons

Navigation Lock and Channels
Type - Single lift
Net clear length, lock chamber - 675 feet
Net clear width, lock chamber - 86 feet
Minimum water depth over lower sill - 16 feet
Upstream gate:
Type - Radial
Height - 25 feet
Downstream gate:
Type - Vertical Lift
Height - 91 feet
Maximum operating lock lift - 105 feet
Length of guidewalls (from face of gate):
Upstream (floating) - 746 feet
Downstream - 696 feet
Normal fill time - 11 minutes
Normal emptying time - 14 minutes

Fish Facilities
Number of fish ladders - 2
North Shore - 1V on 10H
South Shore - 1V on 16H
Number of weirs (including orifice-control section) - 103
Overflow weirs:
Number - 97
Height - 6 feet
Orifice size:
North Shore - 18 x 18 inches
South Shore - 21 x 23 inches
Exit of ladders, invert elevation - 431 feet above sea level
Entrance of ladder, invert elevation - 332 feet above sea level
Normal fishway flow, forebay to each ladder:
North Shore - 74 cfs
South Shore - 142 cfs
Ladder, clear width:
North Shore - 16 feet
South Shore - 24 feet
Pumps for fish attraction water:
North Shore - 3
South Shore - 8
Type - Turbine
North Shore - 250 cfs
South Shore - 300 cfs
Fishway entrances:
North shore - 2
South shore - 3
Non-overflow - 3

Powerhouse collection system:
Number of orifice entrances - 12
Length of channel - 661 feet
Width of channel - 17.5 feet
Downstream Migrants Bypass System:
Ice-and-trash sluiceway - 1
Hydraulic capacity 2700 cfs

Hydrologic Data
(Based on streamflow data for the Snake River near Clarkston, Washington)

Drainage area - 103,200 square miles
Period of record - Oct 1915 to Sept 1972 (Discontinued in Dec 1972)
Discharges in cubic feet per second:
Instantaneous maximum of record, 29 May 1948 - 369,000
Instantaneous minimum of record, 2 Sep 1958 - 6,660
Average annual flow - 48,840
Average annual mean daily peak flow - 188,300
Extreme outside period of record:
Flood of June 1894 - 409,000
Flood of June 1894 controlled by existing projects - 295000
Standard project flood (controlled by existing projects):
Snake River below Clearwater River - 420,000
Snake River above Clearwater River - 295,000
Clearwater River above Snake River - 150,000
Spillway design flood 850,000


Contact Us

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Phone: 509-547-7781
Tri-Rivers Natural Resources Management-
Ice Harbor Office
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The following interagency passes

Annual Military Pass,  Lifetime Military Pass, and Access Pass are only offered at Hood, Charbonneau, and Fishhook Parks.