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"YOU can make a difference"

The Walla Walla District offers many volunteer opportunities in recreation and natural resources management. We are stewards of 170,000 acres of land and water in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho along the lower Snake River, middle Columbia River, the North Fork and main stem of the Clearwater River, and the Boise River. You can make a difference by helping to care for these precious resources today and promoting conservation for tomorrow.

We need your help! As a volunteer, you can:

--Receive on-the-job training
--Work outdoors at beautiful lakes
--Help people and the environment
--Bring fun and fulfillment to your life
--Meet new people, make new friends
--Learn alongside knowledgeable professionals
--Share your knowledge, talent, and experience with other
--Achieve a proud sense of contributing to the future of our nation

Become a volunteer and provide visitor enjoyment at America’s first choice for recreation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Join a creative, fun and flexible work environment!

We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities. Working alone or with a group, our volunteers enjoy work that matches their interests and schedules.  Some volunteers serve part-time and others enjoy a seasonal or full-time position.  The important thing to remember is that even a few hours a month can make a big difference.  Volunteering can offer a valuable experience and lifelong memories.

Our Volunteers include:

--Outdoor clubs
--Retired people
--Individuals or groups
--School and church groups
--Local businesses and corporations
--Scouts and other civic organizations
--Concerned citizens who want to give back to their communities

Those under 18 years of age may volunteer with the official, signed permission of a parent or guardian. Check out Corps of Engineers opportunities in your area at Differing opportunities vary with each area. For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinators.

"They make a Difference!"

The types of work a volunteer can perform are many and varied.  A variety of jobs are available if you prefer an office environment or opportunities are available to perform vigorous but satisfying physical labor outdoors.  Over 700 volunteers contributed in excess of 26,000 hours within the Walla Walla District in 2012 and our numbers are growing.  Your talents and skills are matched with your work preference to obtain a role that satisfies you and best fulfills the mission of the Corps.  In many cases, Volunteer Park Hosts, and Park Gate Attendants, are the first contact the public has with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Come help us put our best face forward!

The following opportunities may be available at an office, dam and reservoir near you:

--Maintain trials and other recreation features
--Serve as a Park or Visitor Center Host
--Serve as a Campground Attendant
--Lead tours and interpretive programs
--Improve park facilities 
--Design and develop  interpretive displays
--Lakeshore cleanup
--Promote water safety
--Assist with boat patrol
--Improve accessibility of recreation areas
--Develop park maps and brochures   

--Provide clerical and administrative duties
--Greet and assist visitors
--Write or create publications
--Web design
--Operate computer programs
--Supervise volunteers

--Build and install artificial fish habitat
--Restore wildlife habitat, plant communities and ecosystems
--Install nesting structures
--Fight invasive, non-native species
--Build and install wood duck and bat boxes

These are a few of the many opportunities available that require a wide variety of talents, skills, and abilities.
For more information on volunteer opportunities in the area you are interested in contact your local Volunteer Coordinator.  Come find out how you can become part of the team!

"Give it a try!"

Contact the US Army Corps of Engineers Volunteer Clearinghouse at 1-800-865-8337 or visit Volunteer Clearinghouse online to search and apply for volunteer opportunities that suit your interest and availability. 

The Volunteer Clearinghouse serves as a matchmaker, pairing enthusiastic workers with Corps lakes and projects that can use their services, providing both with a memorable experience .  The Clearinghouse will mail you a packet that includes the volunteer coordinator's name for the location that you would like to volunteer.

Call the Volunteer Coordinator (it's usually a Park Ranger who will welcome your call!) to discuss the position that you applied for. In addition, the Clearinghouse will give your name, address, phone number and work interest to the Volunteer Coordinator, so you may receive a call from them to see if you're still interested in coming to their lake.  Take a look at the available long-term volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer Clearinghouse.  Submit your application today and start making a difference!

Many more volunteer opportunities are available than what is listed on the Volunteer Clearinghouse. If you are interested in hearing about other potential volunteer opportunities please contacts your local Volunteer Coordinator.

If you do not wish to apply online or call the Volunteer Clearinghouse complete and mail or fax this application to the Volunteer Coordinator located at the area you are interested in. If you select more than one area, send a copy to each. Be specific in describing your talents, skills, and interests to enable the Volunteer Coordinator to better match your skills with a role that satisfies you and best fulfills our mission.

If you are selected
When selected as a volunteer, you and your supervisor will discuss and sign an agreement that describes your duties and responsibilities, outlines a tentative work schedule, and includes any additional details of the volunteer arrangement. Some opportunities may also require a background investigation due to increased security. A medical exam may also be required for some volunteer positions. After appropriate training and orientation, you will begin work as a Volunteer with the US Army Corps of Engineers. You are a Very Important Person.

Volunteer Coordinator will review your application
If your application meets the Corps operating project’s needs, you will be contacted for an interview or to discuss further details. A Corps operating project may find that there is no match with their current needs. You will be notified in either case and provide you with resource information and make referrals to appropriate agencies to help you find a volunteer position that best fits your needs.

Working as a Corps Volunteer
As a volunteer you will represent the US Army Corps of Engineers.  You will work in unique settings and be part of a team that works together to conserve our nations recreation and natural resources keeping valuable assets accessible to the public.  Based on your job assignment, you may wear an official volunteer uniform. A free campsite and reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses may also be available. You will be covered for worker’s compensation in the event of an injury while on duty and, in the event of property damage or personal injury, you will be covered for tort claim liability.  Volunteer time can also be counted as work experience for future jobs.