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Garden City Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District (Corps), proposes to assist Garden City, Idaho (city) in conducting an Integrated Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment to evaluate alternatives and recommend a plan to reduce the city’s risk from floodwaters from the Boise River. 

Garden City has repeatedly incurred damages as a result of flooding from the Boise River with nine significant floods within the last 30 years. Should a 100-year flood event occur, approximately 74 percent of Garden City is expected to be inundated with floodwaters with damages estimated to exceed $315 Million (2013 estimate). The 2017 flood, was less than the 50-year flood event, and flows exceeded channel capacity, damaging or threatening industrial, commercial, residential and public infrastructure. Substantial flood fight efforts took place in order to prevent uncontrolled river diversion into residential and commercial districts. 

A public scoping period was conducted Nov. 1 through Dec. 16, 2018, including a public meeting held Nov. 15, 2018, in Garden City, Idaho. Information and comments submitted during the scoping period will be included in the permanent public record, and used to help: 1) identify potential and key issues to address; 2) explore potential flood-risk-management alternatives, in addition to no action; and 3) identify potential environmental effects. The study process will include additional outreach activities with citizens and stakeholders across the community to gather their thoughts and ideas related to the way we could manage flood risks and other important water resources considerations.

The study will also include coordination and consultation with other federal and state agencies to find ways to minimize potential effects to valuable environmental resources, such as ESA-listed fish, water quality, and cultural and historic resources.

The Corps is committed to working with our non-federal sponsor, Garden City, and the larger community to provide safe and sustainable solutions to reduce flood risk. We will keep the public informed by updating this webpage and distributing information to area news media as the study progresses.

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