Garden City Flood Risk Management General Investigation (GI) Study

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District (USACE) along with the City of Garden City, Idaho is conducting a Flood Risk Management General Investigation (GI) Study with the purpose of addressing flood risk in the vicinity of Garden City. This GI study is in response to the frequent flooding in Garden City resulting in threats to property, critical infrastructure, and life-safety. In addition, population growth and development in the floodplain in Garden City has increased risk of damages and severity of flooding. The intent of the Garden City Flood Risk Management GI Study is to analyze potential structural and nonstructural solutions to reduce risk to human life and safety, critical infrastructure, and reduce risk of economic damages from flooding events.

General Investigation studies are authorized and appropriated by Congress to address water resources problems including flood risk management, navigation, ecosystem restoration, and coastal storm risk management. Through these studies, alternative plans are compared, and favorable and unfavorable characteristics are determined. Costs and benefits of alternative plans are identified, and a specific course of action is recommended to Congress. Congress may then authorize and fund a project for construction. There is no designated limit to the scale, extent, or cost of development that can be proposed as the result of a GI study.

The USACE Product Delivery Team is currently working on the “Existing Condition/Affected Environment” section of the draft Integrated Feasibility Report/Environmental Assessment (FR/EA)  and also developing various structural and non-structural alternatives.  The draft FR/EA is scheduled to be available for public review and comment in the spring 2025 timeframe.

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