Penawawa Bay

General Information
Type of Recreation: Day-Use, Wildlife Observation, Fishing and Hunting Access
State: Washington
County: Whitman
Administering Office: Lower Granite Natural Resources Office
Location: Lake Bryan, Snake River Mile 91, North River Bank
Acreage: 233 Acres
Highway Directions: From State Highway 26. Turn south onto Penawawa Rd (between milepost 121 and 122) for 10.2 miles.

Parking Lot

Season and Hours of Operation
Year round, with no specific hours of operation.

Operating Agency
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Address: 100 Fair Street
Clarkston, Washington 99403
Phone: 509-751-0240
Contact: Resource Manager

Distance to Nearest
Hospital: 25 Miles (Whitman Community Hospital, Colfax, Washington, 509-397-3435)
Grocery Store: 23 Miles
Motel: 23 Miles
Restaurant: 23 Miles
Airport: 45 Miles
Auto Mechanic: 23 Miles

Pets must be kept on a leash. Horses are prohibited. No fires allowed. The Park Ranger can be reached at 509-397-6413 ext. 262.

Contact Us

Lower Granite Natural Resources
Management Office
100 Fair Street
Clarkston,  WA  99403
Phone: 509-751-0240

Lower Granite Visitor Center
Phone:  509-843-2214

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