New Vegetation Modification Permit

Applying for a new vegetation modification permit

1. Am I Eligible?
Can you provide legal proof of ownership indicating you have a shared boundary with the Corps-managed public lands?

If yes, go to question 2.
If no, you are not eligible.

2. Is your adjacent property in a limited development area?

Limited Development Areas are designated where private shoreline use facilities or vegetation management activities may be allowed when consistent with the shoreline plan and cleared for environmental and cultural resources issues by Corps personnel prior to any development.

Limited Development Area Maps

If yes, and applying for a vegetation modification permit go to item 3.
If no, you are not eligible.

3. You are eligible to apply for a vegetation modification permit.
You will need to submit the following completed form or information to:

Ice Harbor Lock and Dam Natural Resources Management Office
2339 Monument Drive
Burbank, Washington 99323

A. Two copies of “Application for a Shoreline use Permit”
Instructions for completing - ENG Form 4264-R
ENG Form 4264-R

B. Copy of Property Deed

C. Copy of Plat Map showing your lot

D. A to scale Site Plan drawing showing layout of shoreline, path, etc.

E. A $10.00 check or money order payable to F&AO, USAED, Walla Walla.

If you have any questions please contact Ice Harbor Lock and Dam Natural Resources Management Office at 509-543-6062 or 509-543-6060 or by e-mail at