19-002 Bennington Lake visitors impacted by water system upgrade

Published Jan. 4, 2019

WALLA WALLA, Wash.– The water system upgrade for the restroom at Bennington Lake, located off Reservoir road, next to the boat ramp in the Mill Creek Project, will require the drinking fountain and sink to be unavailable until further notice, according to officials with the Walla Walla District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The restroom toilet will remain available to visitors and there will be hand sanitizer available while the filtration system is upgraded.

“In conjunction with the Washington Department of Health (DoH), the District conducts monthly checks of our water system, which have continued to meet the standard for public health. On the recommendation of the DoH, we will be upgrading the filtration system from a UV filtration to a higher level of filtration, chlorination which will be engineer designed and then approved by the state,” said Justin Stegall, Operations Project Manager for Mill Creek.

Visitors are encouraged to use the drinking fountain and sink facilities at the project office.



Release no. 19-002