20-032 Vandalism found at Granite Point, Corps considering its options

Published June 30, 2020

PULLMAN, Wash. – The Natural Resource Management (NRM) Staff at Lower Granite Lock and Dam discovered vandalism at Granite Point on June 20.

So far, the NRM maintenance staff have spent over 20 hours working to remove the spray paint from the natural area, with more hours needed to complete the task. The last major cleanup of Granite Point occurred only a year ago, in May of 2019.

Going forward, Corps staff will monitor Granite Point visitors' actions in regards to the vandalism of this natural landscape and will consider future options for Granite Point.

One option available to the Corps is an alcohol ban. Visitors who are of legal drinking age are currently allowed to consume alcohol at Granite Point in a responsible manner. However, this privilege can be taken away. Other options include closing down the area and not allowing any future visitation. “Shutting down access to this area is not what the Corps wants to do, but it is something we’ll need to consider if the vandalism and dumping of alcoholic containers continues to pose a safety hazard for other visitors,” Jason Achziger, Natural Resource Manager at Lower Granite Dam, said.

The Corps of Engineers provides access to a wide range of recreational activities, including camping, boating, hiking, wildlife viewing, hunting and fishing. The Corps asks that those visiting Corps recreational facilities enjoy their time without breaking any laws or offending other visitors. In this way, visitors of Granite Point will be helping determine future recreational usage of the area, which is also a wildlife habitat management area.

If you are aware of those responsible for vandalism at Corps parks or recreation sites you are encouraged to call 509-751-0240.


Release no. 20-058