20-057 Corps of Engineers completes levee repair in Dayton, WA; begins repairs in Milton-Freewater, OR

Published Nov. 20, 2020

Walla Walla, Wash. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Walla Walla District completed repairs for the Dayton Levee Project on Nov. 16 and began repairs on the Milton-Freewater Levee Project on Nov. 18.

The Touchet River and Walla Walla River had near record flood events in early February 2020, causing extensive erosion damage to both levee systems in multiple locations. Damage to the Dayton Levee Project was mainly along the riverside slope, with the exception of one location where the levee overtopped, causing erosion damage on the landside slope as well. Meanwhile, floodwaters breached the Milton-Freewater Levee Project in two places, which were repaired earlier this year, and caused extensive erosion damage throughout the rest of the levee system.

Construction on the Dayton Levee Project involved reestablishing and grading slopes, placing over 4,800 tons of rock (riprap and spalls) and placing fill material where the levee was overtopped. The Corps awarded an $800,000 contract to Northbank Civil and Marine, Inc. The repairs will provide increased protection for over $200 million of exposed property in the area around the Dayton levee.

On Nov. 5, the Corps awarded a $3.8 million contract to Keu Inc. for repairs to the Milton-Freewater Levee Project.

“The two levee breaches were immediately repaired in late February, around the Couse Creek Bridge under an emergency contract.  Now, we are going back to repair the other damage sites,” Jeff Bonafilia, Plans and Project Manager for the Walla Walla District Corps of Engineers, said.

Repairs will include reestablishing riverside slopes and replacing riprap for at least 22 damage sites along the right and left banks of the river. Construction is expected to finish by late January.

The Dayton Levee Project was originally constructed in 1951 and fully rehabbed in 1965. For more information about the Dayton Levee Project, please contact Trina Cole, Dayton City Administrator, at (509) 382-2361 or Charles Eaton, Columbia County Public Works Director, at (509) 382-2534.

The Milton-Freewater Levee Project was originally constructed between 1949 and 1952. For more information about the Milton-Freewater Levee Project, please contact Vern Rodighiero at (509)-520-7061 or Brad Humbert at (509)-301-1050.


Release no. 20-128