21-044 Temporary road closure for Little Goose Dam due to maintenance work

Published July 28, 2021
Ben Feider, Chief of Maintenance explains hydropower operations to LTC Childers at Little Goose Dam.

Ben Feider, Chief of Maintenance discusses the transformers (background) to LTC Childers at Little Goose Dam.

STARBUCK, Wash. – Officials at Little Goose Lock and Dam will temporarily close Little Goose Dam Road on Thursday, July 29 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for a maintenance project.

The closure will block access to Little Goose Landing at Lake Bryan and prevent any public dam crossings for its duration.

Workers from the Bonneville Power Administration will be removing an old electrical power transformer.  A new transformer will be installed in the near future. A transformer is an important component to the dam’s electrical generation process, converting power from the generators into high-voltage current.

For more information about this maintenance project please contact Little Goose Lock and Dam Chief of Operations, Lee Homes at 509-520-2032.

Public dam crossings are also available at Lower Granite Lock and Dam and Lower Monumental Lock and Dam.

For more information about dam crossing visit https://www.nww.usace.army.mil/Missions/Recreation/Dam-Crossing/ or call 1-888-AM-INFO (1-888-326-4636).

Lee Holmes

Release no. 21-052