22-037 Lucky Peak announces Barclay Bay Boat Ramp will be closed for the summer

Published May 26, 2022

BOISE, Idaho – Barclay Bay Boat Ramp will be closed this summer due to low water levels, sedimentation on the ramp and lack of adequate docking space. Parking will still be available for vehicles and trailers. Turner Gulch and Spring Shores boat ramps will be available for launching.

Lucky Peak Lake reached 3,035 ft on May 24 – its maximum lake elevation for the year. This lake level is 20 ft below normal “lake full” conditions and will not vary significantly until July.

Boaters are offered the following tips to ease their movement through congested areas.

  • First, plan your visit for off-peak times of day to lessen delays. Peak ramp area activity typically occurs in mid-afternoons and during the two hours before sunset as boaters depart the lake.
  • Second, prepare your vessel for launch before entering line, or while waiting in line, instead of on the ramp itself.
  • Third, after loading a vessel onto its trailer, promptly move from the ramp to a nearby designated tie-down area for wiping down and securing the vessel. If tie-down areas are full, travel a short distance further to a sparsely occupied parking lot or road shoulder if safe and practical.
  • Finally, utilizing a two-person launching and loading procedure is strongly recommended to keep limited dock and ramp space clear (i.e. one person idles the boat a short distance from shore while a second person parks or retrieves the vehicle and trailer).

Visitors are encouraged to exercise extra patience and courtesy when planning summer excursions during this low water year.

For more information, contact the Lake Office at (208) 343-0671.


Release no. 22-037