US Army Corps of Engineers partners with Union Sportsman Alliance to construct docks at Hood Park

Published March 28, 2024

BURBANK, Wash. – Construction for two new fishing docks will begin at the Hood Park ponds on April 2. Visitors should stay clear of work areas during construction and respect all barriers put in place.

These docks are the result of a national partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Union Sportsman Alliance. This project will improve accessibility to the fishing ponds at Hood Park.

Fishing at the shoreline is difficult due to vegetation and uneven terrain. The two docks donated by Union Sportsman Alliance meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act, making it easier for everyone to access the ponds.

The initial phase of construction will include digging holes for the supports and placing forms for concrete pouring. Once the concrete dries, the docks will be installed onto the supports.

Construction is scheduled to finish sometime in May.

Another project, not connected with the partnership, will be occurring at Hood Park at the same time. This project is for the rehabilitation of Hood Park’s large onsite septic system (LOSS). This project will repair and improve the LOSS by retrofitting the system with a mechanical treatment system including a 15,000-gallon aeration tank and a 3,000-gallon settling chamber with recycling to the primary septic tank. Bio-filtration of aeration exhaust will also be provided.

Construction for this project is also scheduled to finish sometime in May.


Release no. 24-019