Lower Monumental Dam crossings closed until further notice; travelers should plan alternate routes across Snake River

Published April 12, 2011

KAHLOTUS, WASH. –  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District officials announced vehicle crossings on Lower Monumental Lock and Dam are closed until further notice due to operational limitations. Travelers should plan alternate routes across the river for the next several weeks. 

The district can close access to traffic for extended periods of time due to operations, maintenance or construction-related activities at a dam. The public will be notified about closures in advance, if possible, but public crossings are still subject to closing at any time.

Walla Walla District operates three dams in Washington that allow public vehicle crossings – Lower Granite, near Pomeroy; Little Goose, near Starbuck; and Lower Monumental, near Kahlotus.

Travelers can call 1-888-DAM-INFO (1-888-326-4636) for the most current dam-crossing information at Lower Granite, Little Goose and Lower Monumental dams on the lower Snake River.

When crossings are allowed:

Passenger cars, motorcycles, open trucks, recreation vehicles, small vans and farm equipment, with the exception of fuel trucks, will be allowed to cross. Large commercial vehicles, trucks, vehicles hauling flammable or explosive cargo and vehicles that cannot be easily searched will not be allowed to cross the dams.

All vehicles crossing Walla Walla District dams are subject to a search. Photo identification is required for all vehicle occupants 16 years of age and older.

All firearms must be unloaded and declared at the gate. Security guards are authorized to perform detailed vehicle searches and deny vehicle access across the dam. Drivers may not stop their vehicles to take pictures or sightsee during escorted crossings. Pedestrian traffic across the dam is not allowed because of safety considerations.

Photo identification, vehicle searches and other previously listed requirements are standard policy for the public to cross at Walla Walla District dams.   



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Release no. 11-39