13-066 Temporary closure of Walla Walla District facilities and services

Published Oct. 1, 2013

WALLA WALLA, Wash. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is preparing for the closure of Corps-operated facilities and the suspension of some services, beginning today, as the shutdown of the federal government goes into effect.

     “We have updated our plans to prepare for an orderly shutdown, as outlined in the guidance received from the Office of Management and Budget,” said Andrew Kelly, Walla Walla District commander. “The planning was based on current law regarding a lapse in appropriations, and the requirements of an emergency furlough in response to a government shutdown.”

     “A government shutdown places significant additional hardships on our workforce,” Kelly said. “Of course, we hoped that this planning would be ultimately unnecessary, and that no lapse would occur. However, as it happens, we are ready to follow the law,” he said.

     The current Continuing Resolution Authority expired at midnight, last night, and because federal funds are unavailable, the following locations and services to the public will be affected until funding becomes available:

·   Visitor Centers, campgrounds, boat launches and day-use facilities will be unsupported or closed at all Corps locks and dams. Affected recreation areas would not return to normal until after the shutdown is lifted. The following notice will be posted at closed facilities:

     “Effective Tuesday, October 1, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has closed all Corps-operated   

     campgrounds and day-use parks nationwide as a result of the federal government shutdown.  Visitors    

     currently camping at Corps campgrounds will be required to vacate by 8 p.m. local on Wednesday,

     October 2, and no new visitors or reservations will be accepted until after the federal government

     shutdown ends.  We regret the impacts of these required actions on the recreating public, and will make

     every attempt to inform the public when these facilities reopen. Paid reservations will be fully refunded  

     at either the customer's request or automatically after the reservation departure date during the closure

     period. To request a refund please contact the reservation customer service at 1-888-448-1474 (TDD 1-877-833-6777).”

However, Corps parks leased to partner agencies and concessionaires will remain open, but cannot be supported by the Corps while the shutdown is in place.

·   Vessel navigation would continue to remain available through the Walla Walla District’s navigation locks.

·   Hydropower operations will continue, as will flood-damage reduction and other emergency response activities. Security will remain in place at all Corps dams.

·   Public vehicle crossings over Lower Granite, Little Goose and Lower Monumental dams are currently still being allowed. Travelers are encouraged to call 1-888-DAM-INFO (1-888-326-4636) for the most up-to-date dam-crossing schedules and information.

·   The Corps of Engineers’ Regulatory permitting offices in Idaho would be open with minimum staffing.

An update will be provided, if conditions change.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Walla Walla District

Recreation Facilities Leased or Partially-Leased from the Corps

Released with News Release #13-066 -- Oct. 1, 2013





Idaho Department of Parks and Rec.

Dworshak State Park
(Freeman Creek Campground)

Ice Harbor

Ice Harbor Marina

Ice Harbor Marina

Little Goose

Port of Whitman

Boyer Park

Lower Granite

City of Asotin

Chief Looking Glass Park

Lower Granite

City of Clarkston

Gateway Park

Lower Granite

City of Clarkston

Hells Canyon Resort, Gateway Dock, Beamers Landing

Lower Granite

Idaho Department of Parks and Rec.

Hells Gate State Park, Hells Gate Marina

Lower Granite

City of Lewiston

Clearwater Park

Lower Granite

Nez Perce County

Clearwater/North Lewiston, Southway

Lower Granite

Northwest Land Management

Chief Timothy Park

Lower Granite

Whitman County

Wawawai Park

Lower Monumental

Port of Columbia

Lyons Ferry Marina

Lucky Peak

Idaho Department of Parks and Rec.

Lucky Peak State Park
(Spring Shores Marina, Discovery Park, Sandy Point)


Benton County

Two Rivers Park, Hover Park


City of Kennewick

Columbia Park


McNary Yacht Club

McNary Yacht Club


Oregon State Parks

Hat Rock State Park


City of Pasco

Pasco Boat Basin (Schlegel Park)
Chiawana Park


City of Richland

Columbia Park West and Bike Path


Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife

Duportail Boat Launch


Washington State Parks and Rec.

Sacajawea State Park


Walla Walla Yacht Club

Walla Walla Yacht Club


Public Affairs Office

Release no. 13-066