14-002 Corps considers state recreation grant to extend Grandad boat ramp

Published Jan. 10, 2014

AHSAHKA, Idaho – Recreation planners at Dworshak Dam and Reservoir are preparing to apply for a Waterways Improvement Fund grant from the State of Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to repair and extend the Grandad Recreation Area boat ramp, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers natural resources management staff at the dam announced today.

The ramp was most recently repaired and a low-water parking lot installed in 2002. Since then, the concrete-plank ramp has slumped in one section due to a ground-water spring adjacent to the ramp, making it difficult to launch bigger boats. This proposed grant project would extend the ramp to be usable when the water reaches the summer low elevation of 80-feet-below full-pool, allowing boat launching for late-season fishing and hunting. Currently, the ramp is usable to 70-feet-below full-pool. Engineers and geologists have reviewed the site and have designed a solution to capture and redirect the water from the spring and lengthen the ramp.

“The Grandad Recreation Area is a popular launch destination for boaters when the ramp is usable -- typically April through mid-August -- with about 3,500-4,000 visitors,” said Paul Pence, natural resource manager at Dworshak. “We expect this proposed ramp-extension project would allow the launch to remain in service through December or until snow forces road closures. That would greatly improve reservoir access for fall fishing and hunting seasons.”

Those wishing to send a letter of support or other comments about this grant application may contact Dworshak Natural Resources Manager Paul Pence by calling 208-476-1258 or sending mail to Dworshak Dam and Reservoir, P.O. Box 48; Ahsahka, ID  83520.


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