14-043 Dworshak’s Little Meadow ATV Camp vandalized

Published June 9, 2014

AHSAHKA, Idaho – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park rangers at Dworshak Dam and Reservoir need help obtaining information about recent vandalism and theft that were discovered at the Dworshak Reservoir Little Meadow ATV Camp.

On June 1, Corps rangers discovered the lock on the traffic-counter box was cut and the unit was stolen. The camp entrance sign and bathroom door were riddled with bullet holes. The total damages to facilities and the replacement of a new traffic counter is expected to exceed $1,000.

“Ironically, they also stole the ‘Corps Watch’ crime-reporting information sign,” said Dworshak Park Ranger Andrew Singer. “It’s a shame. Vandalism and theft at Corps parks, as well as other public lands and facilities, cost taxpayers millions of dollars every year, and hinders use of facilities for the majority of visitors who respect public property.”

Anyone with information about the vandalism and theft at Little Meadow Creek Camp or other Corps property is encouraged to call Dworshak staff at 208-476-1255, the Corps Watch Property Protection Program at 1-866-413-7970 or the Clearwater County Sheriff at 208-476-4521.

The “Corps Watch” program is patterned after neighborhood crime-watch deterrence programs aimed at protecting U.S. Army Corps of Engineers assets. Each year, millions of dollars in federal property are lost due to vandalism, larceny, arson, and environmental and cultural degradation. To help fight these crimes and reduce operations and maintenance costs, the Corps received congressional authority to offer cash rewards of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of individuals causing damage to Corps of Engineers property.


Public Affairs Office

Release no. 14-043