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Overview of Permits

The Walla Walla District Corps of Engineers and State of Idaho use a Joint Application for Permit form.  It is important that you provide complete information in the requested format to properly process the application.  The information provided will be used to evaluate the proposed activity or project and to determine the appropriate authorization and type of permit that can be issued.

Some activities may fall within the guidelines of previously authorized categories and a nationwide or a regional permit can be issued with no further Corps approvals required.  Other activities may fall within the guidelines of an abbreviated permit processing, requiring a letter of permission to authorize the activities in less than 30 days.  Other activities may require a Public Notice to be issued, where notification of Federal, state, and local agencies, adjacent property owners, and the general public allows the opportunity for review, comment, or to request a public hearing.  Most applications involving Public Notices are completed within four months and many are completed in as little as 60 days.

The processing of an application begins immediately upon receipt of ALL required information, which includes a completed application, vicinity map, plan view and section view drawings, adjacent property notification (if required), and any other project specific information.  Proposed activities then undergo a public interest review.  The application is reviewed, balancing the need and expected benefits against the probable impacts of the activity/project, taking into consideration all comments received and other relevant factors.  The goal is to reach a decision to issue a permit or denial within 60 days after receipt of the completed application.  Although some activities, circumstances, issues, and/or requirements of law may be more complex and additional time beyond the 60 days may be required.

For specific information on the Joint Application for Permit, the evaluation process, or the status an existing application, please contact the local Field Office nearest the location of where the work activities will be conducted.