North Shore

Lucky Peak’s North Shore is the longest stretch of shoreline access for non-boating recreation at Lucky Peak Lake.  This area consists of Lucky Peak lands and waters along six miles of Arrowrock Road, beginning at Highway 21 and extending to Arrowrock Dam, offering shoreline activities to one side of the road and access to Corps, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and Boise National Forest lands on the other.  There are several places to pull off and park with access to the lake for a quick swim or a relaxing day of fishing, such as Naked Rock at mile marker four, and 5-Mile Flat at mile marker five.  North Shore can also a good area for wildlife viewing with several active roadside kestrel nest boxes observable March through June and herds of mule deer and elk of the Boise River Wildlife Management Area on surrounding mountainsides in winter.  These lands are also home to chukar and many birds of prey such as osprey, golden eagles, and bald eagles. 

“Sometimes Barclay Bay and Turner Gulch can get a little congested with picnickers, swimmers, and boating traffic,” says Park Ranger, Jake Cordtz.  “So I’ll tell people about North Shore.  If you’re looking to have a little more privacy or want an easy trek to a swimming spot, many of the pullouts along Arrowrock Road are perfect.”

Please consider the following when planning a trip to the North Shore of Lucky Peak:

  • Recreational uses of North Shore areas are free and Day Use Only.
  • No camping is allowed along the North Shore areas (Arrowrock Road) except at designated campsites in Macks Creek Park.
  • Parking is on gravel parking areas and clear road shoulders and accommodates use on all but the busiest of days.  Always park sufficiently clear of Arrowrock Road.
  • Dogs are to be leashed in developed recreational areas unless accompanied at the shoreline to swim and fetch.  If adventuring towards the mountaintops dogs are allowed off leash.
  • These areas, as all of Lucky Peak Lake, are a “Pack It In – Pack It Out” areas.  The only dumpsters available in the area are at Lucky Peak State Park’s Spring Shores Marina, though an entry fee may be charged.
  • The nearest potable water can be found via hand pump at Macks Creek Park, or by entering Lucky Peak State Park’s Spring Shores Marina which also provides waterborne restrooms.
  • Lucky Peak remains in Stage 1 fire restrictions year-round.  There are no facilities provided for ground fires at Naked Rock or 5-Mile Flat, and rock rings are not allowed.  Only LPG and other liquid fuel cooking stoves are allowed.
  • Cellular phone service does not exist at this location.  The nearest payphone is located at Lucky Peak State Park’s Spring Shores Marina.  An emergency speakerphone pedestal is located roadside at the Macks Creek Park Host Site and provides free emergency 911 calls as well as free local calls up to 10 minutes.
  • Overnight users to boat-in sites and others on the water may leave vehicles and trailers parked at Macks Creek Park and Lucky Peak State Park’s Spring Shores Marina launch areas overnight, but land visitors here may be asked to leave after published Sunset.

Getting there:

  • Follow Highway 21 to the Mores Bridge at approximately mile marker 17, turning right onto Arrowrock Road towards Spring Shores Marina, Macks Creek Park, and Arrowrock Dam.  The boundary of Lucky Peak Lake coincides generally with the end of the paved portion of Arrowrock Road.