Viewpoint offers an expansive panoramic view of the unique geologic units and natural resources that make up Lucky Peak Dam and Lake.  Located conveniently off of Highway 21 near the entrance to Lucky Peak Dam, this recreation area not only provides a restroom, picnic tables, and plenty of parking, but also a swim dock and small beach area popular for fishing.

"Viewpoint is becoming a pretty popular place. On a hot summer weekend, people seem to enjoy being able to get out of town quick, jump out, and swim without having to compete for parking in our larger recreation areas,” says Park Ranger, Marve Griffith.  “And when the lake starts to drop later in summer, the sandy beach really starts to open up and gets popular with fishermen."

Viewpoint is a columnar basalt peninsula with high, steep cliffs and loose rock.  For your safety, be sure to observe the restricted areas.

Please consider the following when planning a trip to Viewpoint:

  • Use of Viewpoint is free.
  • Dogs are to be leashed in this area unless accompanied at the shoreline to swim and fetch. 
  • This area, as all of Lucky Peak Lake, is a “Pack It In – Pack It Out” area.  The nearest dumpsters are located at the Lucky Peak Dam Recreation Area. 
  • There is no potable water in this area. 
  • Wood and charcoal ground fires are not allowed at Viewpoint.  LPG and liquid fuel cooking stoves are allowed.
  • Cellular phone service is limited and patchy at this location.  The nearest payphones are located at the Lucky Peak Dam Recreation Area and Idaho State Park’s Sandy Point Unit.
  • Viewpoint is not gated closed at night but is posted a Day Use Only area.  Camping is not allowed; however, through-travelers on State Highway 21 are welcome to enjoy a prolonged rest period if needed.