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  • Dworshak announces a few changes at Dent Acres Recreation Area

    AHSAHKA, Idaho – As the weather warms up, Dworshak Dam would like to make a few announcements concerning Dent Acres Recreation Area.
  • USACE awards Turner Gulch boat ramp rehabilitation contract

    BOISE, Idaho – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District has awarded a $2,136,537 contract to MACNAK Construction, LLC to conduct a rehabilitation project on the 70-year-old Turner Gulch Boat Ramp at Lucky Peak Dam and Lake near Boise, Idaho.
  • Boise River flows set to increase Monday, March 25

    BOISE, Idaho -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation will increase Boise River flows through the City of Boise starting on March 25. These releases will help reduce the risk of flooding during periods of high snow runoff anticipated later this spring. Officials encourage the public to be aware of risks associated with increased Boise River flows. The water is deep, cold and fast. Individuals should use extreme caution near the riverbanks.
  • Malheur Basin begins flood risk management releases this week

    VALE, Ore. -- Warm Springs Reservoir and Bully Creek Reservoir will start releasing water for flood risk management starting later this week.
  • 23-048 Dworshak Dam releases to fluctuate between 2,400 and 5,000 cfs on Oct. 5 and 6 for testing

    AHSAHKA, Idaho – Operators of Dworshak Dam will increase flows from 1,700 to 2,400 cubic feet per second on the evening of Oct. 4 to help minimize stage changes during testing on the following days. Between Thursday, Oct. 5 and Friday, Oct. 6, releases will fluctuate due to testing required as part of annual turbine maintenance.
  • 23-037 Corps to treat Lake Wallula to control invasive flowering rush

    WALLA WALLA, WA– The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District will be performing up to five five-acre treatments in Lake Wallula, the McNary reservoir near the Tri-Cities, Washington, with herbicide, Diquat Dibromide, at an application rate of two gallons per surface acre. This effort is to control the invasive aquatic plant species flowering rush.
  • 23-036 Dworshak dam increasing releases on Friday to balance full pool

    AHSAHKA, Idaho – Releases from Dworshak Dam will increase to match inflow into the reservoir. This operation is intended to maintain the reservoir at its full pool.
  • 23-015 Dworshak Dam to increase releases at the end of March

    AHSAHKA, Idaho –Dworshak Dam will be increasing releases starting March 27 from 1,700 cubic feet per second to approximately 4,000 to 6,000 cfs over a two-day period. Operations at Dworshak will change the height of the Clearwater River downstream of the dam by approximately 1.5 feet, over the two-day period.
  • 22-063 Dworshak Dam Visitor Center resumes off-season hours

    AHSAHKA, Idaho – With the summer recreation season winding down, Dworshak Dam and Reservoir’s Visitor Center hours of operation are set to change.
  • 22-049 Dworshak Reservoir offers July 4 holiday fun

    AHSAHKA, Idaho – Come out and enjoy Dworshak Dam and Reservoir this July 4. The reservoir is at full pool! All campgrounds and boat ramps are open for use.