US Army Corps of Engineers
Walla Walla District

Mores Creek

Mores Creek Park is a small, simple area located on the Mores Creek arm of Lucky Peak Lake.  This park, which accomodates no more than a half-dozen vehicles at any given time, offers solitude and a scenic escape at the southern fringe of the Boise National Forest.  There are a variety of opportunities here perfect for a family daytrip. The cool but tolerable water of Mores Creek is a great place to wade and swim, fish for kokanee, and view wildlife. There are several BBQ grills and picnic tables shaded by large pines to round out a pleasant creekside picnic.  The sounds of the creek sets a perfect background for adventuring into a good book.

“Mores Creek is an awesome place to go on a hot summer afternoon,” says Park Ranger, Zander Newcomb.  “Not much can beat fishing in the cold creek while watching the sun dip down under the canyon walls.”

Please consider the following when planning a trip to Mores Creek Park:

  • Help preserve the kokanee – please dismantle or breach any rock-bermed wading pools you encounter on the creek.  
  • Use of Mores Creek Park is free.
  • Dogs are to be leashed in this area unless accompanied at the shoreline to swim and fetch.
  • This area, as all of Lucky Peak Lake, is a “Pack It In – Pack It Out” area.  There are no nearby dumpsters available to deposit bagged trash. 
  • There is no potable water in this area. 
  • Wood and charcoal fires must be kept in Agency-provided grills and be attended at all times.  LPG and liquid fuel cooking stoves are allowed.
  • Cellular phone service does not exist at this location.  The nearest payphone is located eight miles away at Idaho State Park’s Spring Shores Marina.
  • Mores Creek Park is not gated closed at night but is posted a Day Use Only area.  Visitors in the area may be asked to leave after published Sunset.